Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brew and Honour Issue # 4 (Review done by Backstreet Battalion)

I barely read the third issue I received the fourth one. And the next will be out in February. Great arrangement and the graphic design is same as issue 3 but this issue has more pages. After the editorial came interviews: Two US bands which I didn´t know, Brassic from California and Vicious Sex from Chicago. Also Bill a skinhead from London, which owns Oi! Oi! the Shop in London (in interview he mention „Adam“ who is making some zine..Adam is „Opavka“ from Czech) is interviewed there, then skingirls from Barcelona and Costa Rica(in that interview were mentioned some bands. so hope I will hear something more about them…it sounds really exotic). Gig reports from Glory Boys, then Fit for Abuse and last but not least report from gig of Paul Weller. You can read also something about history of Stormwatch, Njord, Hais and Fiers, Strongside and Short Cropped. Then goes some CD and zine reviews, advertisements on labels, bands, zines. Also printed newsletter of Pure Impact is added. Prize is OK, so on the end “Eric, you really do it well”. Looking forward to next number Address: Brew and Honour 2211 W, Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL, 60647,,