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Pure Impact Newsletter # 121

Pure Impact newsletter #121

Welcome to the Pure Impact e-mail newsletter # 121 of February 2008.As always, the shop at has been updated, lots of new items have been added in the last couple of days, mostly CD4s this time of which some are only available in very small quantities.

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Pure Impact

New additions

BÖHSE ONKELZ "Heilige lieder" (The famous German band's 1992 album. Musically somewhat more rocking than on the previous album "Wir ham' noch lange nicht genug", and singer Kevin's vocals are more melodic and warmer than before. As always a lot of the songs have a hoigh singalong factor even if you don't speak a word of German..) 15 EUR

CZECH & SLOVAK STREET KIDS VOL.3 (Great 26 band / 26 song compilation showcasing the best of the Czech and Slovak street bands, mostly skinhead bands, but also some more punky ones and some hardcore. A great way to discover a shitload of bands. Bands featured: Muerti, Beerstreet Bois, Operace Artaban, Zhoda Náhod, Normals?!, Odveta, Neparkovet Vjezd - D.N.S.J. Crew, Pilsner Oiquell, Editor, Disdainful, Bullboxers, The Riot, Vandali, Glejt, Konflikt, Everyday Hate, Odpad, Crossczech, Cenzura, Proti Smeru, Nekultura, Svarog, Ani Krok Spät, Cemu Nerozumíš, H.T.O.) 13,50 EUR

DANNY DIABLO & THE VENDETTA "When worlds collide" (The Vendetta are a bunch of angry Italians who like to mix up genres, but who are a hardcore outfit with a few metal and punk cravings. In other words: they are loud. Their new album is a joint effort with American Danny Diablo a.k.a Lord Ezec (of Skarhead fame), and is bursting at the seems with guests from various hardcore and rap bands. Features great some hardcore and tracks with rap mixed in à la Beastie Boys.) 13 EUR

DREI FÜR DEUTSCHLAND VOL.2 (15-song 3-way split with the German RAC bands Words Of Anger, Das Letzte Aufgebot and old-timers Oidoxie.) 15 EURGREENLAND WHALEFISHERS / SMZB "Joining forces" (16 track best of release from the folky punkers of GWF! As a bonus you get 7 songs from SMZB, a punkrock band from China and tourmates of the GWF. They're one of the oldest punk bands in China and the only celtic punk band there.) 10 EUR

HATE SOCIETY "Hell's your place" (Hard-to-find debut CD of this old-school Germany hate punk / RAC band. Very catchy music with radical lyrics. All songs in English.) 15 EUR

KAMPFZONE "Erstschlag - The early Years 1994-1996" (15 Kampfzone songs recorded between 1994 and 1996. Apart from the songs from the "Made in Germany" EP all previously unreleased.) 12,50 EUR

MISANDAO "Proud of the way" (A skinhead band from Beijing, China who play raw, old school Oi! with a definite punk touch. Nothing new or groundbreaking, but interesting obviously for the exotic aspect. Ambiguous politics and more to the left, but they seem to be confused kids... The CD contains 18 songs, some in (broken) English, some in Chinese and also a PC-video track.) 13 EUR

NOIE WERTE "20" (20 years of Noie Werte and only their 4th full-length. Solid RAC rock like we're used to hear from them as well as the beautiful ballad "Totale leere", the country-like "Plan B" with stand-up bass and saxophone and "Schwarzes licht" where Steffen gets assisted by female vocals. As always Noie Werte stand out with their smart political lyrics, all of which can be found in the booklet.) 15 EUR

OPERACE ARTABAN "1 - 2 - 3 Oi!" (5th album of the Czech skinhead band, pure and raw skinhead rock, as good as ever. Nice big booklet with all lyrics and lots of photos.) 13,50 EUR
S.O.T. "Sed och tradition" (Very folk sounding Swedish viking-rock-band grown from the band "Skymningstid". They sing about pagan morals and traditions, myths and legends and nordic history. The dual female vocals make them unique in the scene.) 15 EUR

SOUNDTRACK DER STRASSE VOL.1 & VOL.2 (33-song double CD label compilation plus 1 bonus video track, and this for not even the price of a single CD album. Bands featured: KrawallBrüder, Berserker, Flat Sprockets, Berliner Weisse, Riot Company, The Young Ones, Goldblade, Scharmützel, Unantastbar, Prolligans, East Rebels, Gerbenok, Penetraitors, Underdogz, Payback, Suicide Kings, Hillbilly Hurenböcke, Operation Semtex, Blanc Estoc, Roimungstrupp, Ultimatum, Foreign Legion and last but not least Charge 69) 10 EUR

WHITE VOICE "Laut gedacht" (Third full-length of the german RAC band. Mature and multi-facetted lyrics combined with very solid rock and some more metal-like influences. A band not afraid to experiment with their sound.) 13.50 EUR


Brisbane's PLAN OF ATTACK ( will hit studio at the end of February to record their debut 6 track EP called "What's the plan of attack" to be released in March / April.

CONTROL have a few shows coming up in the next couple of months including their first show in Belgium where they will be playing the Mondial in Antwerp, together with The Agitators on 13th March. They will also We are also be playing Rebellion in August and Finland in September before sorting out dates in the USA and Australia to help promote the debut album which will be out this summer. For more info, check out The band will also be releasing a split 7" single on Longshot Records with Australia's Marching Orders which will be out in April with each band contributing 2 new songs. It is been called the unofficial promotional release for the upcoming film, "Green Street 2 - Stand your ground", which both bands appear in.

New Boston band HAMMER AND THE NAILS, who can be found at, will have a debut single coming out later this year on Rock'n'Roll Disgrace Records. Shirts and other merch will be available soon. Fellow Boston band TOMMY & THE TERRORS ( will also have a new 7" coming out later this year on the same label.

After more than 10 years waiting, the French band THE EXPLORERSZ is about to release its third album, "Le bal des neusks". It will contain no less than 25 tracks of Oi! and catchy skinhead reggae. The CD will be a co-production between the band and the new French label Nouvelle Daube Records.

France's FRACTION are planning to play 2 concerts in Eastern Europe: one in Moscow and one in the Czech Republic in June. Guitarist Alex is now also plays for FRAKASS at their live shows, and Philippe, FRACTION's singer, is working on a new hardcore project, more based on the "way of life" than being really political.

Parisian band HOTEL STELLA will be going into the studio soon to record a full-length album and will play a gig in April in Lorraine (France) with FRAKASS.

IPVOX have recorded a new song for an Italian compilation to be released by Perimetro.
THE CORPS' set with Dropkick Murphys went down very well with great crowd response. Sadly, this was AJ's (guitar) last show with the band. He is currently singing in Sydney band Repoman. If you like Adolescents and old hardcore of that sound, you'll like them. Check them out in The Corps' top friends. Now, The Corps is concentrating on training up their newest member, Kev, formerly of Frontside and currently of Sydney HC legends, AVO. Look out for gigs in March or April, and an EP recording sometime in 2009.
Sites to check out:- (Spanish hooligan and RAC blog)- (Site with all kinds of news on the Italian scene, releases, show dates, interviews and so on)- (New Boston Oi band, Bloodstained Brindle)- (the follow-up of the German Violence zine)

The guys from BARBARIANS, the RAC band from Argentina, are looking for a label to release their new CD. Anybody interested can contact them at c18_arg(at)

Serbian band OPEN HAND SALUTE is a new project between members of Real Aggression and Razor 88. They have quite some songs ready and are also looking for a label. If interested, contact them through paintkiller88(at) or h8red_ra(at)

REVOLT BGD have taken a long break, but are now working on our their album. The lyrics deal with Kosovo, their country, the movement and ideals. Lyrics will be both in English and Serbian. Musically the band's sound has matured too, and they now sound a bit harder than before. Just like the above 2 bands, they are looking for a label to release the album. Contact them through revoltbgd(at)


6 Feb 2009: Skinfull and Tattooed Motherfuckers in Kent, England- 7 Feb 2009: Skinfull and Tattooed Motherfuckers at the Moloko Bar, Maalsesteenweg 126, 8310 Brugge, Belgium. Check with for availability of tickets as it might have sold out already.-

8 Feb 2009: Hammer And The Nails, Side Effects, Blood Stained Brindle and The Revilers at Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Ave, Allston, Massachusetts, USA- 13 Feb 2009: Hammer And The Nails, Clouds, Payload (ex-FU's / Straw Dogs), Kevin Rheault Power Trio and Waste Management at The Tavern at the End of the World, 108 Cambridge Street, Charlestown, Massachusetts 02129, USA- 28 Feb 2009: Sniffing Glue, Evil Conduct and Antipati at Black Horn, Korsgatan 2, Norrköping, Sweden- 6 Mar 2009: The Casuals in Essen, Germany-

7 Mar 2009: Mata-Ratos and DJ Billy at Live Caffé, Moita, Portugal. Info available through mataratos(at) and 9 Mar 2009: Tommy & The Terrors, Dropkick Murphys, H2O and Civet at the Webster Theatre, Hartford, Connecticut, USA- 13 Mar 2009: Tommy & The Terrors, The Krays, Welch Boys and The Tampoffs at The Church, Boston, Massachusetts-

14 Mar 2009: Code 13, Attack, Kill Or Be Killed, CaucazoidsBloodshot and Flak 88 in Orlando, Florida, USA. Info available through 11 Apr 2009: Bad fate, Ancestors, Blitzkrieg, Brigada 1238, Ultima Frontiera and more TBA. Info available through vfseventi(at)

17 Apr 2009: Indecent Exposure, The Warriors, Skinfull and Mummy's Darlings in the N8 Discothek, Neulandstrasse 28, 49084 Osnabrück, Germany. Info available through and 16 May 2009: Skinfull, The Warriors and Argy Bargy at Esquires, Bedford, EnglandFor more details, check out the shows on the Pure Impact MySpace page at next month!


Brew and Honour # 6 February 2009(A5, photocopied, English, street rock'n'roll)This issue features Chicago and worldwide news, Brew of the month, interviews with: Total annihilation, The Traditionals and Marcus from Germany, Film and record reviews, top ten and skinhead related articles. More info:

HAMMERFALL # 1 (A4, 24 pages, French / Italian, RAC)French / Italian RAC fanzine. Features interviews with Nativi, Kill Baby Kill, Wolfsangel, Sud XT as well as reviews, photos, addresses and so on. The zine can be obtained for free in PDF-format by sending an e-mail to hammerfallzine(at), a printed version is also available, just write them for more info.

HAMMERFALL #2 (A4, 28 pages, French / Italian, RAC)Second issue of the French / Italian zine, now with Dolomia, Hais & Fiers, Testudo, Legittima Offesa and articles, reviews, photos and more. The zine can be obtained for free in PDF-format by sending an e-mail to hammerfallzine(at), a printed version is also available, just write them for more info.

MF #16 (A5, 80 pages, copied, German / English, Oi!)Interviews with Combat 77, Frontlash, Last Pride, Rampage and the guy behind the "Oi! the nische" gigs. The issue brings bios from Slade, The Sweet, The Clash, Onderrock, Kolico, Illegal Action, Exterior Voice, and also lots of reviews, reports and more. The zine is available in German and there is also an issuer avilable in which most articles and interviews have been translated to English. To order, write to Mf-Zine(at), Meik(at) or Dennis(at)