Monday, June 1, 2009

Code 1 - 'Telling It Like It Is'

Debut full-length from these tough London punks who mix the classic early sound of English punk rock with a touch of the ’82 sound and a large dose of Oi! too. It’s raw and powerful and very hostile. It’s oozing with London anger and acidity and truly does hark back to the days when punk bands really did have something to say. Too many bands these days just go through the punk rock motions but CODE 1 is a real assault, it’s so in your face that you have to take notice. They have a great knack of switching from fast, rabid hardcore punk to real anthemic melody. It’s been a long, long time since a contemporary English band has impressed me this much. Right from the opening ‘Vigilante’ this record is ablaze and does not let up right to the end…it’s vicious and commanding from start to finish and real brutal ride and all done in the right way – it’s never too heavy – it’s just straightforward and raw, they don’t go over the top with guitars, they just keep it stripped down and powerful. Do yourself a favour and get this is you want some hard, powerful punk rock / Oi!.84 Records

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